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Why is this important?

As parties move closer to the centre, it becomes even more important to know where your candidate stands on LGBT issues. You may think you're voting for a progressive party, but you could be voting for an MP who is wholly against equal marriage and would seek to repeal it, for example. Additionally, these answers will matter after the election - we go into Thursday with hundreds of candidates pledging their support to end conversion therapy, to replace the blood donation deferral with individual risk criteria and to prioritise the improvement of health provision for trans people. We will make sure they are kept to account if elected.

Why do the last four stances not have a PAST slot?

The last four stances are future battles. There's no voting history to provide on them.

My constituency is a bit thin on the ground for candidate data. Why is this?

Although we can ask candidates questions, we can't force them to answer. In fairness, they also get hundreds of emails from various campaign organisations during the general election, so do cut them some slack. However we are still receiving answers from them and updating The LGBT Whip in real time. Please come back later and check your candidates' views. Additionally if you don't have answers to questions that matter a lot to you, you are more than welcome to tweet and email them.

Why have you asked former MPs their views on things they already have voted on? We already know their views.

People change their minds - we call it progress and it should be celebrated. You'll notice that some have a big red cross in the PAST slot, but a green tick in the future slot.

Surely it's irrelevant to ask candidates about votes in the past? We're in 2015.

Equality can rescind as well as progress. We've seen that around the world and we must ensure that the hard-won battles remain won. One party is talking about providing a religious exemption to the Equality Act provisions for LGBT people, for example.

If candidates do not have ten green ticks, are they firmly opposed to equal rights?

Not necessarily. A number of candidates, for example, have said they would have voted against civil partnerships because they wanted full equal marriage. We'll leave it up to you as to whether you agree with that stance, but these candidates can hardly be called homophobic. If you want to know more about a candidate's stance, we urge you to contact them.

Who made The LGBT Whip?

We are a bunch of developers and designers who were sensible enough to spend a full 24 hours straight at Facebook's HQ with no/little sleep. Additionally, we're indebted to the folks at YourNextMP for the use of their data and API. Others helped us out in this project, particularly with the questions and we should give a special mention to @auntysarah for her input on trans issues. If you want to get in touch with us individually, speak to us on Twitter: @AdrianaVecc, @chimeren, @christopherward, @mdjward, @pburjanec, @thehereward and @joshuagladwin.